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Nick Pappalardo exclusively plays Soultone handmade Turkish cymbals.


Billy Mutz was raised on the shores of Eastern Long Island in the small town of Hampton Bays.  His early music interests came from his step father's singing while  playing acoustic guitar around the house  and listening to 8 tracks of the Who, Beatles, the Stones and Johnny Cash to name a few. "My older sister was always a nut when it came to music and a also had a huge impact on me. American Bandstand and Kasey Kasem were a must on the weekends!".  


Billy started singing in the Elementary school chorus and got the "bug" for performing on stage after a solo in the 5th grade winter concert. "What a exciting and scary thrill it was performing in front of everyone, I was hooked, I'm still chasing that high".  


Billy has played in the cover band Scott McBrit for the past 8 yrs having some great success in the North west NJ music scene. Billy plays guitar and has written numerous songs through the years.


"I was approached by the Cheap Vibes drummer, Nick who I met playing local gigs and he suggested I try out for band, it was love at first sight!  Everything about the Cheap Vibes just fits for me.  It's as if everything else I have done musically led me here". " I relate to the writing style of Michael Myers, Nicks relentless powerful drumming style, Rob blasts and shreds on lead guitar and of course The legend, Steve Berman whose fingers caress his bass strings so effortlessly.  I feel I've come home to this band.  I am looking forward to the fun we'll have together sharing our music on stage and chasing the high of performing live "

Billy Mutz