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Nick Pappalardo exclusively plays Soultone handmade Turkish cymbals.


Steve Berman

Steve, the bass player for The Cheap Vibes, began his love affair with rock ‘n’ roll during the rise of the garage rock/psychedelic scene in the mid-60’s. He started playing guitar for real in his teens, but switched to the bass when no one else in his first band was willing to take the position. Bass players get no respect! Seriously, it was a decision he’s never regretted. He went on to become a part of the Max’s Kansas City/CBGB’s music scene in the late 70’s playing with the legendary NYC punk band, The Victims. They are best known for their 1978 EP on The Misfits Plan 9 record label, which today, is one of the most sought after slabs of vinyl from that era. They played some cool shows with bands such as The Misfits, Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers, The Troggs, & many others.


After The Victims, Steve played for a short time in the summer of ’79 with the notorious lead guitarist from The Dead Boys, Cheetah Chrome. Then followed short stints in a number of bands: The Addictions, The Tornados, Aces and Eights (with Richard Reilly from The Victims and “Mr. Jim” Catania, drummer from The Misfits), The Sweats, and a few more that never got out of the garage. In the early 90’s he joined Asylum 66, a punk/hard rock band who also backed David Peel a few times.


After about 12 years or so of not playing at all, Steve picked up his bass again and got back together with The Victims, who reunited after a 25 year “vacation”. They went on to play a number of shows in the NYC area, Boston, Philadelphia, & New Haven and also released their comeback album, Take It As It Comes, in 2009.


In 2011, he hooked up with his friend & ex-band mate Mr. Jim again (along with Rob & Mike from this band) in The Exstatics, which after some line-up changes, became the band you are reading about right now…The Cheap Vibes!